Hello~ I am a river, and also a dimmie and also a nine.

I've been a lot of different things in a lot of different fandoms for a long time, so just call me whatever name you know me by. ( ο½₯Ο‰ο½₯)οΎ‰

My Writing:
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Some recs of my favorite fics from the [community profile] darkestnightex  collection this year.

We All Must Go
(VLD, Shiro/Keith)
Summary: Here’s another thing he doesn’t know what to do with: the moment he gets to the training deck, Keith appears out of the cool night cycle shadows, quiet and almost smiling like they’d arranged this meeting beforehand and look at that, Shiro, here I am just in time.

Nocturne of an Empty Mirror
(original work, child & monster)
Summary: You cannot stay awake forever to protect yourself from the night. Not unless you're willing to go a step further and become part of the darkness.

Minds That Have To Whisper See In Them A Sister
(original work, f/f vampire/vampire hunter)
Summary: Marcela is about to turn around, end her midnight stroll through the village and head back to her grandmother's house, when she sees the silhouette of another person hurrying down the street ahead of her. A woman, young and slender, her long blond hair looking almost white with the moonlight glinting off it. Marcela calls out to her before she can stop herself.

Rec Notes: there's a common theme here of hallucinations, voices, insomnia and intrusive dreams, which wasn't on purpose, but it's one of those story elements I really enjoy. In all three of them I like the style of the writing as much as the story itself, in that it's intriguing and somewhat vague on purpose, implying without showing everything, insinuating the story in ways that leave me wondering. Good stuff.


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